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about 2The world of Whipped Cream is as exciting as it is rewarding: a world where your wish to savor forbidden sweets, is granted.

Whipped Cream is dedicated to those who are looking for a leather collection that matches your very own desire; for those of you who enjoy leading their way to possess, until you decide to relinquish the leash and be possessed instead.

Each or collections are carefully designed and meticulously hand crafted by young skilled artisans to meet the quality and comfort you have been looking for; the quality and comfort you deserve.

It is for you, a fashionable, broad minded woman with a passion for exploring your darker side and tasting its vivid sweetness, enjoying the resplendence and vitality of your beautiful body, over which you have sole command.

All Whipped Cream products are made from leather of the highest quality and processed to meet the international standard of required by leather garments.

Get ready to savor a new and daring sensation in style: Whipped Cream style: elegant, provocative, sophisticated.